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Insurance Made Easy

Tailored to suit your business

ICB Members Insurance Policies

Insurance Made Easy have insured and protected bookkeepers for over 10 years.


We are the industry experts and preferred Professional Indemnity Insurer for the peak Industry Association, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, in addition to other professional bookkeeping franchise groups. The Policy has been developed to provide the broadest possible coverage available in Australia and our products continue to evolve with the bookkeeping industry.

Policy Highlights

Employee/Contracts are automatically included

Professional negligence & wrongful acts

Operating as a registered BAS Agent

Supply, Installation, Configuration & Training commercially available software

Advancement of defence costs

Dishonesty and fraudulent activities of your employees/contractors

Defence & legal costs automatically included over and above the level of cover selected

Official enquiries or investigations costs including ATO, ASIC, APRA, ACCC, Tax Practitioners Board

Retroactive Cover- covers you for all past work provided that you have had continuous Professional Indemnity

Breaches of Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and Related Legislation

Run off cover for seven years after you cease trading. You remain covered with no further premium payment*

Unlimited Reinstatements*

Continous Cover¹ – Provides Cover for a claim that should have been reported to insurer under a previous policy.

¹ Refers to policies insured via IME only.

* Refers to ICB members only.

New & Improved Additional Benefits

Statutory Liability covers fines & penalties from government authorities up to $100,000*

Privacy Remediation Costs is now increased to $100,000*

Recovery of Professional Fees. Cover increased to $50,000*

Referral Liability resulting from referral to other professionals*

Cloud Computing covers liability for breach of privacy or other clients costs and losses incurred by your negligence or for data you are legally responsible*

Fidelity Guarantee cover is now increased to $250,000 (misappropriation of your money by staff member)

Benefits & Covers marked with * are exclusive to ICB members only

New Cyber Privacy Endorsement

Covers cyber breach

Response planning

Forensics firm expenses

⦿ Legal advisors 

⦿ Call center services, owns incident responsive

Incident response investigation expenses

Cyber extortion damages

Cost to remove malware and reconstruct data

Access to a 365/24/7 Cyber Incident call center

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2018 ICB Bookkeepers Conference


2019 ICB Bookkeepers Conference

Policy Coverage

What is Professional Indemnity?


Professional indemnity insurance is a category of insurance that is based around Claims Made or when the Claim is notified, not when the event happened. This is why it is so important to continue to renew your Professional Indemnity insurance each year.

An example: You did work for a client in 2013; however, it is not until 2014 that the ATO investigates your client for some discrepancies in their activity statements. The ATO investigates and alleges that their bookkeeping has been prepared incorrectly. This is the time that potentially a professional indemnity claim may exist, and this will be the date you need a current Professional Indemnity Policy, not when the event happened (2013).

Not only does our Professional Indemnity Policy cover you for professional negligence, but it also covers defence costs to defend any legal action brought against you and it also covers any costs associated with an official enquiry or investigation.

Public and Product Liability Insurance


Protects you against claims alleging financial loss, injury or property damage due to your negligence for as little as $184.25 per year and the cover of $10 million, higher limits available.

The policy closes the circle of protection by indemnifying you against claims by third parties (clients, their employees and the general public) alleging you are legally liable for personal injury or property damage they have suffered due to your negligence.

General Property


Provides cover for portable items such as iPads and laptops in addition to Personal Accident & Illness policies.


Does the Policy include legal and defence costs in addition to the sum insured?


The policy offered by Insurance Made Easy through Chubb Insurance Australia Limited covers legal, and defence costs in addition to the sum insured with no policy limit.


Run-off cover – what is it?


The insurance policy offers free run-off cover for a minimum of one year. Most professional indemnity policies only offer this cover at an additional cost.

When you sell your business, retire or simply close it down, you may still be responsible and liable under the statute of limitations for claims made against you for up to seven years. This cover is only available to you provided you do not cancel your policy mid-term or insure with another company.


Does the policy cover signing of cheques and/or electronic transfer of monies?


The IME policy provides cover for such work where the bookkeeper has written authority from the client to undertake such work. This authority also needs to stipulate the levels of authority for such monetary transactions.

Definition and recognised duties of a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping and payroll






Completion of regulatory documents (where authorised to do so) including superannuation guarantee charge, workers compensation documentation, data processing, payment processing (subject to client authorisation)

Accounting and financial management or related software packages


Set up


Training and use

BAS Agent Services

As defined in the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 including; BAS preparation and advice, GST advice, Payroll services, PAYG withholding calculations and advice.

Data File Management


Consulting and advice regarding the preceding data file management (including backup management and file location management) in relation to the above services may be provided at the client site utilising your client's booking system, at a different location, via remote access software, or via Cloud computing.

Are you a member of the institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)?


Insurance Made Easy is a preferred insurance facility for ICB members; please download our exclusive benefits for ICB members.

Exclusive Benefits for ICB Members


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