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Insurance Made Easy

Tailored to suit your business

Hair & Beauty Salon Insurance Policies

Hair & Beauty Industry


nsurance Made Easy has many years experience arranging insurance protection programs for the Hair and Beauty Industry.


IME has  negotiated exclusive national rates with one of Australia’s largest insurers for Business Insurance specifically aimed at the Hair and Beauty industry.

Hair and Beauty Technician


A business package through Insurance Made Easy can accommodate all practitioners ranging from home salon operators, mobile technicians through to multi-location salon owners and operators. A full range of business coverage is available including essential Treatment Risk.

Our coverage includes most forms of therapy and services including IPL-Radio Frequency Body Contouring, Laser Treatment, Peels and Cosmetic Tattooing.

Whether you are a Beauty Therapist, Hairdresser, Nail Technician or Make-up Artist we can tailor a package to suit your needs. In addition, we have a monthly payment facility available.

Our coverage includes most forms of therapy and services including IPL-Radio Frequency Body Contouring, Laser Treatment, Peels and Cosmetic Tattooing. It is highly recommended that you review your current policy particularly your coverage in connection with all of the treatments that you perform to ensure that you are adequately covered.

Monthly payments available and no additional charges – It’s that easy!

Treatment Risk – What is it?


Your career in the beauty industry exposes you to potential liabilities because of failed treatments or client reactions to treatments resulting in a claim being made against you. It is important that your Public Liability insurance extends to cover these circumstances. A policy with Insurance Made Easy will provide the full policy limit on treatment risk.



Do I work from more than one salon? Will the insurance cover me in more than one situation?


The policy offered through Insurance Made Easy has the provisions for Australia wide cover for Public Liability and Treatment Risk. We can also provide cover for General Property for your mobile equipment.


What happens if I employ someone?


Insurance Made Easy can tailor a policy for your individual needs and cover all staff members. In most cases, this does not result in a higher premium but when hiring more staff to remember to contact our office.


You mentioned I am covered for treatment risk.


All insurance policies have certain exclusions and it is important you understand each of these. Insurance Made Easy can assist in obtaining cover for all your activities, as required. In our standard policy the below activities are not covered:


What types of activities are not covered?*


*Personal injury caused directly or indirectly by:

Body Piercing, other than the nose, ear, eyebrow and navel where gold, silver or platinum sleepers or studs are used.

Tattooing other than cosmetic tattooing.


Collagen implantations or injections.

Treatments and/or procedures that are required by law to be performed by a duly qualified medical practitioner.


*Personal injury caused directly or indirectly by ownership, operation, maintenance or use of:

Solariums, sunbeds or tanning machines

Spas and Saunas


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